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The Liveable Courtyard

In metropolitan areas, often the benefits of living close to the city are offset by living in a smaller space. And it’s not just the house – your outdoor area, if you’re lucky enough to have one, can be deemed as unusable, and consequently becomes the default dumping area for bits and pieces.

Reclaim your space! Having a small courtyard or garden doesn’t mean you can’t use it as your recreational space or your private escape area. No matter what size your backyard or courtyard is, it can be made useful and beautiful with smart layout and informed shrubbery ideas. MJ Garden Restoration are the experts in small garden design for Melbourne homes and other properties.

All the Right Elements

Depending on your garden or courtyard’s aspect and size, you will need consider what sort of effect different landscaping materials will have on the feel of your space.

You may need to make a notoriously damp or muddy area better to walk on. You may need to create privacy or reduce direct sunlight and heat. Or you may need to transform your space into something that can be effectively used for entertaining. With access to some of Melbourne’s most reputable suppliers of quality landscaping materials, MJ Garden Restoration advise you on the best use of elements for the design of your garden.

Whether you live in a ground floor apartment, a terrace house or villa, MJ Garden Restoration’s small garden design ideas will help you utilise your Melbourne front or back yard or courtyard to its full potential, adding value to your property and enhancing your domestic lifestyle.

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