Our Garden and Landscaping Services

MJ Garden Restoration combines knowledge and experience to offer complete landscaping and inspiring garden creation services.

Front Garden Landscaping

We create striking front garden landscapes which increase the appeal and first impressions of homes and business premises.

Backyard Landscape Design

We work with you to create inspiring backyard landscape designs to suit the recreation and relaxation requirements your have for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Lighting

We offer custom designed low voltage lighting to suit your home’s backyard or business’s forecourt.

Plants and Trees

Our expert horticulturalist provides ideal plants and trees taking consideration to:
  • Match plants to the client’s lifestyle.
  • Ensure disease free plants are selected.
  • Select the right soils and ensure correct pH levels.
  • Situate the plant in the appropriate area and position depending on light and shade.
  • Fit irrigation to match the plants' watering needs.
  • Consider colour and effect of plants in the overall landscape.
MJ Garden Restoration goes that extra step to ensure ours clients are educated on how to take care of their new plants and garden.

Drought Proofing Your Garden

A drought proofed garden is the ultimate in low maintenance. We can assist you in drought proofing your garden by:
  • Designing a garden with little or no watering requirements.
  • Using succulents or Australian native plants, which are very low maintenance with low water needs.
  • Mulching to increase the water retention of plants.
  • Using drought resistant turf such as Kikuyu, Santa Anna Couch or Buffalo instant turf.

See images of our drought resistant gardens in our gallery.

Grass and Artificial Turf

The key to a great looking lawn is:
  1. Soil preparation.
  2. Choosing the most suitable lawn.
  3. Proper care and maintenance.
We offer a range of grass and artificial turf varieties to suit any sized backyard. Drought tolerant turf is increasingly popular due to today’s water conscious environment. Varieties include:

  1. Sir Walter Buffalo
  2. Kikuyu
  3. Santa Anna Couch


We can design and install drip irrigation systems, which keep in line with current regulations in minimising the use of water in times of restriction. These systems go hand-in-hand with drought tolerant plants for optimising water usage and still ensuring a beautiful landscape all year round.

Water Features and Ponds

With a creative touch, we help design and install magnificent water features including:
  1. Fountains
  2. Ponds
  3. Cascading walls
  4. Statues
  5. Pots
  6. Flowing rivers
  7. River beds
Our water features use 100% recycled water to ensure they are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Walls and Fencing

We design and build feature walls, retaining walls and unique fencing for their clients.

Retaining walls

Practical and attractive retaining walls for the front or backyard can help to:

  • Separate garden beds
  • Create a feature
  • Prevent erosion by holding in soil
  • Improve overall aesthetics
  • Build flat spaces in steep terrain

There are many choices in retaining walls including brick, sleeper/timber, concrete veneered, concrete blocks and bluestone.

Feature walls

Feature walls can add depth and effect to an outdoor entertaining area. We incorporate feature walls in many backyard landscaping designs.

Unique fencing

Unique fencing is used in garden landscaping to create an interesting perimeter, atmosphere and privacy, which also serves to tie the overall landscaping design together. There are many varieties of unique fencing including:

  • Bamboo
  • Brush panel (hard grass)
  • Pickets
  • Colourbond fencing

A range of colours is available in each style.


We specialise in outdoor paving, which is used to define and create a usable space in outdoor areas such as back and front yards, courtyards, garden paths, stepping stones and other external spaces. There are three methods for paving:
  1. On a concrete slab with mortar
  2. On a crushed rock with mortar
  3. On a crushed rock with sand


MJ Garden Restoration can also construct driveways to complement overall landscaping.

Driveways options include:

  • Exposed aggregate (coloured or plain, pebble/concrete combination)
  • Concrete
  • Paved
  • Bricks

We offer one of Australia’s largest range of products in various colour choices.

Outdoor Furniture and Art

Outdoor furniture and art often add to the finished effect of an outdoor area. MJ Garden Restoration can make or source almost any outdoor furniture or art item to complement your garden:
  • Daybeds
  • Permanent seating
  • BBQ
  • Built in Kitchens
  • Park benches
  • Wrought Iron features
  • Outdoor sheds
  • Sculptures
  • Statues


All outdoor furniture and outdoor art pieces are chosen to complement the overall landscaping design.

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